Selected clients:

Selected cases:

ABB Formula-E

Design and concept for the partnership microsite for ABB and Formula-E

Role: Creative Director


Alte Leipziger

Pitch for a insurance company Alte Leipziger.

Role: Creative Lead / Creative Director
Team: Marco Becker, Susanne Hübner, Mark Burrow, Tim Dührkoop



We pitched for BASF for Lead Digital Agency title. Delivering new social concepts and redefining the BASF application landscape. 

Role: Creative Lead / Creative Director
Team: Felipe Galliano, Hagen Siedel, Rolf Borcherding, Daniel Righi, Henrik Östergaard

BASF #Accelerators concept film

BASF - Application redefinition



We did a series of 360 videos from the Nurburgring 24h race for Facebook. The engagement numbers blew trough the roof compared to normal Nissan DE Facebook posts.

Role: Creative Director  
Team: Sven Giese, Sebastian Wolf, Manuel Deiker

Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 14.15.28.png


DHL relaunch

The 1,5 years project building a new and responsive from Beta to Pilot.

Role: Creative Director, UX Lead
Team: Alexander Neusinger, Esther Schultz, Oliver Kunzmann, Andrea Rubow, Jens Kreuter

Visit beta site


Digital Style Guide

In conjunction of the .com project we gathered all digital assets and guidelines for a simple and fast website that introduces the DHL Digital Brand.

Role: Creative Director
Team: Alexander Neusinger, Ruven Riepert, Mareike Schultz


Style Guide - pitch

Role: Creative Director, UX design
Team: Jens Kreuter

DUBAI Tourism – FalconBot

Concept, Branding & Product design 

We were given a task to create a autonomous drone that evoked the heritage and the future of Dubai, We created the FalconBot a story platform that would let the people see the real Dubai in interactive stories and majestic heights in live HD 360 video recorded by the drone that embodied the brand Dubai. Designing the brand, the digital experience and the actual drone brought together experts ranging from aviation design to 3D printing. 

Role: Creative Director
Team: Timo Müller, Esther Schultz, Christian Reichelt, Nora Von Kalckreuth, Dirk Songuer, Ed Pelling, Aaron Wells


Audi Ultrabot Pitch concept & product design

Role: Creative Director / Product design


The Razorfish Germany website needed a new responsive layout and a simpler content structure.  

Role: Creative Director / UX design
Team: Timo Müller, Moritz Kröger, Kai Greib


Best Drive - Tinder pitch Concept 

The test drive to meet your match

Role: Creative Director & Concept
Team: Tobias Schirmer, Timo Müller, Alexander Neusinger

The final version of the project:


Audi TT - Best Drive concept

Role: Creative Director
Team: Tobias Schirmer, Timo Müller, Alexander Neusinger


The Power Of Global Trade

We helped DHL launch their new global brand campaign #PowerOfGlobalTrade within the digital space. Both creating a state-of-the-art website and content pieces that should obviously go deeper than the TVC message. The team went out to factually explain what’s behind the campaigns claim of „life getting better for everyone, everywhere“. Researching facts from major worldwide organisations like the WTO and the UNO on global life expectation, employment rates and more. 

The campaign was also the start for a global trade twitter account that DHL organically grew from 0-10 000 followers on just few months.

Role: Creative Director
Team: Tobias Schirmer, Alexander Neusinger, Alexander Preusch, Martin Krause, Chrizz Gelbach, Thorsten Diegel

McKinsey & Company

Social campaigns, concepts, video & photo shoots for McK - Careers Germany

McKinsey & Company Karriere

Role: Creative Director
Team: Tobias Schirmer, Timo Müller


Website pitch 

The pitch team created a new digital experience for Lufthansa. 

Role: Creative Director / UX lead
Team: Timo Müller, Andreas Schmidl, Nora Von Kalckreuth, Alexander Neusinger, Laura Chiesa


Responsive website
The New responsive website for Finnair has been a big project including renewing the front-end and content design for the site.

iPad Application
In order to serve their customers better on different platforms, Finnair worked with Frantic to create an iPad app that enables access to the Finnair experience on the go. The look and feel of the app adheres to Finnair's digital guidelines, while respecting the primary iOS design principles.

UI Design
Numerous UI designs and campaigns as ongoing development of the site.

Role: concept / UX design / lead
Team: Tobias Martin, Erica Kraappa, Liisa Benmergui, Oskari Ojala, Josep Roca


WWF Finland website


We created a new visual style and content structure to fit the modern needs of mobile devices. The website is a major source of income and source of donations for WWF Finland. Special care went into tuning and designing a better approach to the already good donation engine solution. 

Role: concept / UX design / lead
Team: Toni Mielonen, Jesse Pitkänen, Oskari Ojala

National Coalition Party website


We took on the challenge of creating a new official website and unified online visuals for The National Coalition Party, launching it in time to reach constituents during the municipal election in 2012.

Since the schedule was tight, the design moved quickly to the browser for best results. After the initial design phase with concept and visuals, a site prototype was created to act as a testing ground for ideas and solutions.

Role: concept / UX design / lead
Team: Sami Kämppi, Jesse Pitkänen, Niko Pettersen, Oskari Ojala