Rogue One

Building up to the excitement to the Rogue One premier, I scribbled some photoshop stuff together with one of the favourite new characters of the film: The Imperial Death Trooper. 


HBO Miniseries "Challenger"

When I was nine years old the teacher interrupted our regular school day to watch a news broadcast of the American Space Shuttle Challenger exploding in mid ascent  on the morning of Jan. 28, 1986. This was the first and largest accident that touched the US Space Shuttle Program to that date. I still remember the whole class reading newspaper articles of the explosion. 

In this personal project I envisioned a HBO miniseries with actors, writers and a title sequence, website with behind the scenes and data from the fatal day, just for my own fun and remembering the golden era of the US Space Shuttle Program. The series would focus on each episode on one crew member and what happened in their lives before that fateful cold day all leading up to that one moment that everyone knows.


HBO Miniseries Title Sequence

The Miniseries website